We also function as Trainers and Teachers for a host of different workshops and online program's and host educational retreats in exotic places. We have taken groups deep into the Amazon jungle, explored Africa, visited Thailand and Phuket, enjoyed Indonesia and lets not forget our home - Australia!

HypnoHealing© is the term that we use to unveil our multi-level Hypnotherapy business. We are committed to engaging with our clients in a balanced environment, where transformation on all levels can be given the optimum chance! Our work is distinctive in that we are not only Hypnotherapists, but we are Instructors too - training ordinary people to enjoy making a difference and being rewarded for it too. Our Hypnotists are from around the world and most have been on a number of retreats and workshops with us.

We are both motivated to make a difference in this world and bring much of our knowledge into Training and Teaching forums however, we like to educate our clients too, as we feel that they would benefit from understanding and information. We have been certified as hypnotherapists and instructors by the oldest Hypnosis organisation in the world - The National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. We are certified clinical hypnotists and 5-PATH Banyan trained.